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  • The development of the pad printer ink cup

    With the sustained development of the pad printer ink cup in the market, many people like this product. Nowadays, many pad printing ink cup manufacturers emerge. They manufacture extraordinary pad printer ink cup products by technological innovation and creativity. Then let us approach the pad printing ink cup factories to…
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  • Detailed introduction to pad printer ink cup

    The detailed introduction to pad printer ink cup With the swift development of China in recent several years, the advantages of traditional industry in western countries have been replaced by China. In order to protect the development of national industries, some European and American countries have formulated very strict access…
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  • Precautions for the maintenance and use of scrappers of ink cups

    I guess most people have never heard the term "ink scrapper", and some people may think it's just the scrappers of ink cups. Then do you know where it is used for? That's right, it is used for printing machines, its role is to scrape off excess ink. For people…
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  • Pad printing ink cup manufactuer hot sale

    Pad printing ink cup, a revolutionary approach As a large producer, whether it is textiles or other small commodities, both of them are a large industry in China, with a large quantity and a large variety of products, pad printing has a bright promise in our country. Transfer printing refers…
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  • Precautions for the use and operation of the Ceramic scraper ring ink cup

    Next, I will introduce to you the precautions for the use of the Ceramic scraper ring ink cup, so that you can proceed smoothly during use. ●Choose a suitable diluent: quick-drying thinner, medium-drying thinner, slow-drying thinner. ●Ink mixing method: ink (any color): 100 copies; thinner: 20-25 copies; print after fully…
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  • Special ceramic scraper ring for ink cup of pad printer

    The ceramic scraper ring of the pad printer is made of cemented carbide tungsten steel, which has many advantages such as hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Our ceramic scraper ring has many specifications, and can be customized non-standard ceramic knife ring, suitable for many brand ceramic knife…
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